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Discount dehumidifiers make excellent sense for the overheated homeowner struggling to survive the hot summer. In the deep South, discount humidifiers are essential appliances that run almost constantly throughout the year. For people exposed to recycled air on a regular basis, some health precautions are necessary.

We recommend discount dehumidifiers that come equipped with air purification technology. Removing toxins, mold spores, and particulate matter is almost as important as removing water vapor. However, monitoring your unit for sanitation requires a proactive approach.

Discount Dehumidifiers for Better Summer Living
Consult manufacturer guidelines when cleaning your portable AC--don't put yourself at risk! Usually, a clean cloth and some Lysol will be sufficient to scrape away any accumulated debris. The last thing you want to do it is send your air through a column of spores and dust.

It is also a good idea to air out your dwelling every week to prevent the accumulation of chemical impurities. According to one scary government statistic, home air quality in general is ten times worse than outside air! Unless you act responsibly to eliminate the dangers, you could suffer health problems.

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US Embassy bought air purifiers ahead of Obama visit
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